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  Mission Statement

The Walsh Group’s Mission is to advance public policy by conducting applied research to provide the scientific basis for policy change.

  Corporate Commitment

The Walsh Group’s past and future success is rooted in the company’s driving mission to provide its clients with the most expert, cost-effective, timely and personalized service possible. TWG’s employees and strategic partners are committed to uncompromising integrity, professionalism, and strict accountability. Great pride is taken in the fact that these principles underpin daily corporate interaction between TWG staff and its clients.


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The Walsh Group (TWG) is a research and consulting firm specializing in substance abuse issues. Our work focuses on drug testing policy, public policy, substance abuse treatment, and government relations.

We address issues that arise in traffic safety, the workplace, professional sports, self-help substance abuse groups, and the education sector. Our expertise allows us to not only research and evaluate existing policy but also to recommend and advocate for policy creation and/or change.

The Walsh Group was formed in 1993 as a response to the global need for research expertise to advance substance abuse public policy and technology development. Since 1993, TWG has provided its services through both its Bethesda-based staff and strategic alliances with leading substance abuse experts throughout the United States and Europe.

TWG’s strategic alliances have expanded to an international network encompassing substance abuse research, analytical and research laboratories, MRO organizations, community coalitions, and treatment program entities throughout the world. These strategic partnerships provide a wide range of expertise offering specialized, customized and integrated services in three areas of operations: substance abuse business management and policy development; substance abuse research and program development services; and individual consulting services in a variety of substance abuse disciplines.

The company’s senior staff has over 55 years of combined experience in substance abuse research. This includes the integral leadership they provided in the development of the original drug free workplace policies and drug testing guidelines for Federal agencies and the Department of Defense. The senior staff’s expertise is supplemented by experience in psychology, sociology, education, and forensic toxicology from other members of the TWG team.

As a full-service organization, TWG can tailor services to fit each client’s needs. From single program evaluation to the design, implementation, and evaluation of a large-scale policy, TWG’s research capabilities and corporate consulting services are flexible, comprehensive, and individually designed.

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