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TWG has advised The National Football League on issues related to substance abuse since 1993. The services we can provide for sporting organizations include: evaluation of current policies, recommendations for changes in the program, recommendation for the technology best suited for the program, training of individuals who administer the tests, managing the testing program, advisement on new drugs which have gained popularity in usage, and crisis and problem management.

Random drug testing is a non-punitive program designed to deter student drug use.

The Walsh Group is currently overseeing a major research effort evaluating the random drug testing of nearly 7,000 high school students. The goals of random student drug testing are twofold: 1) to deter students from using drugs due to the threat of being caught and 2) to get students who are using drugs into treatment. Our involvement has included policy development, program implementation, training, and data collection, analysis and evaluation.


drug testing policy consultation


The Walsh Group is home to two of the pioneers of the U.S. Federal Drug Testing Guidelines for the workplace. President J. Michael Walsh was instrumental in the development of these guidelines, and was responsible for coordinating the development of all Federal Agency drug policies and programs. Vice President Leo Cangianelli (Capt USN Retired) directed the US Navy Drug Testing and Treatment programs worldwide prior to his retirement.

NHSDA findings indicate that companies
with Drug Free Workplace programs are
associated with lower prevalence rates of
current illicit drug use and heavy alcohol
among workers.

This knowledge and experience now drives the Workplace Drug Testing Policy work at The Walsh Group. The Washington Post, Imperial Oil, and Hoffman-La Roche are examples of clients who have utilized TWG’s workplace consulting services, as have the United States’ Small Business Administration and Uniroyal Technologies. TWG’s workplace drug testing policy services are varied and flexible: we can provide an evaluation of a pre-existing drug testing policy with recommendations for more cost-effective or result-driven strategies, or TWG can design, implement, monitor, and evaluate a new policy.

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