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A screenshot from TWG’s Drug-Free Workplace Employee Training Program

Through funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, TWG is developing an Internet-based Drug-Free Workplace Resource Center for small businesses.  Modules are being created that address:

  • The development of a drug-free workplace policy
  • A supervisor training program
  • An employee education program
  • A drug testing management information system
  • A guide on selecting and implementing an Employee Assistance Program

to see a preview of our Employee awareness  and education training program, (click here)


training program technology development


The Walsh Group also has considerable experience in developing interactive training programs that can be operated from a website or placed on CDROM. We have developed programs for police to train them in detecting drugged divers, for supervisor and employee training for drug free workplaces, and for the pharmaceutical industry for training non-professionals in the use of drug testing technology. Our understanding of how to present state-of-the- art training is demonstrated through all these efforts.

Training through technology allows for efficient,
consistent training at the workplace and alleviates
the need for supervisors and employees to
travel off-site.

TWG has also developed websites to support training as well as Drug Free Workplace initiatives. The knowledge and experience gained in carrying out these projects have provided The Walsh Group with a keen understanding of the available technology, how the technology should be used in a treatment setting, and how to train people to use it.


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